The Evolution of Generative Design: Tools on the Rise

AutoCAD 1 from 1982 | Autodesk


In the words of its developers, TestFit is the “ultimate building configurator”, rather than strictly a generative design tool. Instead of generating multiple options, it is generating one option that best meets your input parameters, that can be edited using co-creation tools aka manual mode. It is a software product designed for Architects that operates more on a site level, while it also has a fair deal of features that help focus on micro-level scales as well. The product was conceived from the undeniable fact that Architects and Designers spend a large proportion of their time making drawings of buildings and spaces that don’t always get executed. The founders of TestFit harnessed the power of its algorithms to generate one design for the given site and the given program mix. This saves hours and hours of manually drawing building plans and sections, while the design & financial possibilities offered by the site are completely explored.

TestFit User Interface | TestFit
Generation of multiple design options | TestFit
Export to conventional design software | TestFit

Digital Blue Foam

DBF, short for Digital Blue Foam, is a software tool meant for Architects, Planners, Developers, etc. used for schematic design and early-stage planning. What distinguishes DBF from other products in this line is its baseline of sustainability in all its features. The tool makes use of custom-trained Machine Learning models and Generative Design algorithms, aiming to accelerate growth towards carbon-negative building design, customization, and operation. The team behind the tool actively engages in research and development to include new features that help reduce the carbon footprint of the development, through easy-to-use and easy-to-understand sustainability metrics.

Climate data for sustainability analysis | DBF
Generating design solutions | DBF
Compare designs | DBF


Envisioned and created by Sidewalk Labs, Delve is a software product aimed at real-estate teams, developers, architects, etc. to aid in designing better, faster, and with less risk. Used primarily in the feasibility stage — the product can be used at any phase of the development process, however. Delve enables smarter decision making, seamless collaboration, and insights driven by data, all of which call for improved efficiency in neighborhood design.

Housing units organization generation | Delve
Design variants generation and evaluation | Delve
Comparing option performance: Best variant vs. benchmark design | Delve



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